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Keller Williams Partners

The Springs Summit Group in Colorado Springs specializes in helping people buy and sell homes from Monument to Briargate to Security/Widefield to Fountain. We sell a home every 3 - 4 days, and offer an exceptional experience in both selling and buying. We market your home in some of the most innovative ways, and are always changing with the Real Estate Market. We will walk you through the selling process of your home with ease, and the buying process to purchase your dream home!

We have a talented team that will handle any transaction with the most amazing skill set. Our team has over 30+ years of experience with buying and selling. With 2 full time administrative assistants, we will market your home through websites, YouTube video, blogging, and many other social media sites to get your home sold quickly!

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Keller Williams Partners
Ed Leyba - 6140 Tutt Blvd, Suite #210, Colorado Springs, Co, 80923
P: 719-651-0085